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New Auto APN feature in RutOS!

New Auto APN feature means that Teltonika Networking cellular products will automatically determine and select available APN based on the inserted SIM card. This means that now it is even easier to get started with Teltonika cellular devices and quickly deploy your connected solutions!

How does Auto APN work

Teltonika devices have an Auto APN feature that allows the device to analyze the SIM card. And automatically select the correct APN information from a pre-loaded database. This function reduces the time required to configure the device in different locations with different providers.

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How to configure Auto APN

Auto APN is enabled by default. But if you have just inserted the SIM card you might need to restart (RUT9XX/RUT2XX) routers modem first (Status/Mobile/Mobile Information).

Step -1

Open your routers WebUI.

Step -2

Go to Network / Mobile.

Step -3

Deselect / Select the checkmark Auto.


Password generator for Teltonika RMS

Security is one of the key focus areas for Teltonika Networking product development, therefore we are glad to announce new Password Generator functionality which can be found in Password Management section of Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS). It allows to generate random or defined passwords for selected Teltonika Networking devices which are being monitored using Teltonika RMS. All generated passwords can then be conveniencly downloaded in a CSV file which is stored in RMS for 24 hours. This can be done as frequently as neccessary and will help users of Teltonika Networking equipment to easily ensure the security of their infrastructure.

2-Step Verification for RMS Access

Our partners trust Remote Management System to access and manage mission critical communication infrastructure therefore we take RMS security very seriously. We would like to present another security update to our RMS system which will help users of this platform to prevent unauthorized access even when their login credentials are compromised or stolen. From now on, RMS users can choose to use 2-Step Verification option which means that once they try to login into RMS system, additional code will be delivered via email. Without this verification code the access to the platform will not be granted. 

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